Tort Law: Texts Cases and Ordinances

Author(s): Fozia Nazir Lone 
Publication Date: 20 October 2014

This book provides an in-depth discussion of significant concepts of tort law including negligence, nuisance, employer's liability, occupier's liability,defamation, trespass, defences, damages and remedies.

Publisher: LexisNexis
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ISBN/ISSN: 9789888231607
Publisher: LexisNexis

Product description

Hong Kong Tort Law: Texts, Cases and Ordinances engages its readers in the effective learning of the principles of tort law. It provides an in-depth discussion of significant concepts of tort law which include negligence, nuisance, employer's liability, occupier's liability, the Rylands v Fletcher rule, economic torts, defamation, trespass, defences, damages and remedies. This work considers the impact of case law from the US as well as common law jurisdictions such as the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. This work also introduces the reader to the subject from a social and policy-oriented context. Throughout the text, questions of practical importance are raised to encourage critical thinking and to train the reader in the application of tort law. This book is the first in Hong Kong to incorporate 'discovery-based innovative teaching pedagogy' and utilises critical thinking exercises that stimulate active discussion and the consideration of real-world issues. Case studies, explanations of principle-making and the exposition of recent case law further ensure that readers are clear about the current position of the law. Each chapter illustrates how ordinances are connected in the Hong Kong tort law system. The book will benefit those seeking to approach the study of tort law.

Table of contents

1 Introduction to Tort Law: Its Genesis, Nature and Function as a Substantive Common Law Subject
2 Foundations of the Tort of Negligence: The Duty of Care
3 Breach of Duty
4 Causation and Remoteness of Damages
5 General Defences to Negligence
6 General Tort Damages
7 Product Liability
8 Liability Related to Premises – Occupiers Liability
9 Special Duty Problems: Omissions, Unborn Children and Medical Negligence
10 Psychiatric Injury
11 Pure Economic Loss
12 Sources of Employer’s Liability
13 Employer’s Liability for Negligence
14 Employer’s Vicarious Liability
15 Nuisance
16 The Rule in Rylands v Fletcher
17 General Introduction to Trespass
18 Trespass to the Person
19 Sexual Harassment
20 Trespass to Land
21 Wrongful Interference with Goods
22 Economic Torts in General: Scope and Liability
23 Inducing or Procuring a Breach of Contract
24 Tort of Causing Loss by Unlawful Means
25 Conspiracy
26 Passing Off
27 Deceit
28 Malicious Falsehood
29 Breach of Confidence
30 Defamation
31 Defences and Remedies to Defamation
32 Liability for Injury Caused by Animals