The Law of Tort in Hong Kong - Third Edition

Author(s): DK Srivastava, Anna Lui, Charu Sharma, Sara Tsui

Law of Tort in Hong Kong aims to explain the legal principles of tort law from a unique local perspective.

Publisher: LexisNexis
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Published: 15 August, 2014
ISBN/ISSN: 9789888231591
Publisher: LexisNexis

Product description

The Law of Tort in Hong Kong, first edition, was one of the first local textbooks on tort law. Now in its third edition, it still offers a unique local perspective on tort law, separate to the English common law, as referring to laws of England does not always offer answers to problems unique to Hong Kong.

This book aims to explain the legal principles of the law of tort through the lens of and with particular reference to Hong Kong cases and legislation. Whilst maintaining a focus on Hong Kong’s tort law jurisprudence, references to leading cases from England and other commonwealth jurisdictions on the law of tort are analysed and relevant legislation examined. The authors also discuss Hong Kong socioeconomic developments and suggest options for law reform.

Distinctive of other works from England or elsewhere in the Commonwealth, this book focuses on typical Hong Kong problems such as nuisance, trespass, occupiers' and owners' liability and liability of bank and financial advisers. This core text is of value and interest to lawyers, law lecturers and students.


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Table of contents

1 Tortious Liability in General
2 Liability under Statutory Compensation Schemes
3 Reception of the English Law of Torts
4 Intentional and Negligent Torts
5 Trespass to the Person
6 Intentional Infliction of Physical or Mental Harm other than Trespass to the Person
7 Sexual Harassment as a Tort
8 Trespass to Land
9 Trepass to Chattels
10 Conversion
11 Detinue
12 Duty of Care
13 Breach of Duty
14 Causation
15 Defences to Negligence
16 Vicarious Liability
17 Employer's Liability
18 Employer's Liability in Negligence
19 Liability of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the HKSAR) as an Employer
20 Breach of Statutory Duty
21 Occupiers' Liability
22 Nuisance
23 Rylands v Fletcher
24 Liability for Damage by Animals
25 Defamation
26 Development of Economic Torts
27 The Tort of Unlawful Interference with Trade or Business
28 Malicious Falsehood
29 Intimidation
30 Conspiracy
31 Passing Off
32 Deceit
33 Breach of Confidence
34 Limitation of Actions