Studies on Macau Civil, Commercial, Constitutional and Criminal Law

Author(s): Jorge AF Godinho
Publication Date: 15 December 2010

Studies on Macau Civil, Commercial, Constitutional and Criminal Law aims to contribute to the understanding  of the uniqueness of Macau's legal system.


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Studies on Macau Civil, Commercial, Constitutional and Criminal Law aims to contribute to the substantive understanding and preservation of the uniqueness of Macau's legal system by discussing and linking its original, recent evolution and future prospects in a number of selected areas. This book focuses on civil law, commerical law including the law of contracts and copyright law, constitutional law and criminal law from a commercial perspective.

The book tries to help breakdown the language barriers by making access to Macau law available in the English language and is an informative reference for those who do not master any of the official languages of Macau. The book also contributes to the understanding of Macau's legal system as a multicultural entity as it examines the genesis, development and localisation of key areas of law in the Special Administrative Region.

Contributors include academics from the University of Macau and the University of Coimbra (Portugal) and judicial officers from the Portuguse magistracy and constitutional court.

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Table of contents

1 Fundamental Rights in Macau: From Territory Under Portuguese Administration to Special Administrative Region of the PRC - Paulo Cardinal
2 The Macau SAR Legal System – Is the EU Law a Source of Inspiration for Macau Lawmakers? - Ilda Cristina Ferreira
3 The Macau Civil Code Under the Shadow of the BGB: The Schuldrechtsreform of 2002 - Luís Pessanha
4 Regulations on Unfair Contract Terms in Macanese and Portuguese Law: A Comparative Analysis - Joaquim de Sousa Ribeiro
5 Macanese Private International Law and its Portuguese Roots - Teresa Leong
6 Contracts in Special in the Civil Code of Macau of 1999 - Manuel Marcelino Escovar Trigo
7 Distribution Agreements: The Regulation of Agency, Concession and Franchising Contracts in the Commercial Code of Macau - Alexandre Pereira
8 Computer Programs in Macau Copyright Law - Gonçalo Cabral
9 International Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters in the Macau SAR - Carla Mendonça
10 Financial Strategies of Crime Control in the Macau SAR - Jorge AF Godinho