[Lexis Flip™] A Guide to Civil Procedure in Hong Kong - Sixth Edition (Student)

Authors: Michael Wilkinson, Eric Cheung, Gary Meggitt

It is quite startling just how many judgments involving points of civil procedure are coming from the courts and just to keep abreast of developments is almost a full-time occupation for practitioners and judges alike. And for students to master the rules is a considerable challenge. We hope that this text will go some way to alleviating their respective tasks.


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Publisher: LexisNexis
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Published: 30 October, 2017
ISBN/ISSN: 9789888799008
Publisher: LexisNexis

Product description

This text provides students with a clear and up to date exposition of the rules and judicial decisions governing the conduct of civil litigation in Hong Kong. The Civil Justice Reform has been in effect since 2009 and there are many judicial decisions reflecting judicial approaches and attitudes to the implementation of the rules. The authors have chronicled these developments by reference to the considerable amount of case law on the rules and practice directions.


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Table of contents

1 Some Introductory Matters
2 Jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals
and Transfer of Proceedings
3 Pre-Commencement Considerations
4 Commencement of Proceedings
5 Service of Process and
Acknowledgment of Service
6 Parties
7 Causes of Action, Joinder of Actions
and Consolidation of Actions
8 Pleadings
9 Discovery
10 Case Management and
Interlocutory Proceedings
11 Interlocutory or Interim Remedies
12 Disposal of Actions Without Trial
13 Settlement
14 Certain Aspects of Evidence
15 The Trial Process
16 Judgments and Orders
17 Personal Injury Actions and Other
Particular Proceedings
18 Enforcement of Judgments
19 Costs
20 Appeals
21 Alternative Dispute Resolution