Law of Injunctions in Hong Kong - Second Edition

Author: Andrew Mak

Law of Injunctions in Hong Kong provides in-depth coverage and definitive guidance on the subject of both interlocutory and final injunctions.

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This second edition covers a number of specific landmark cases relating to:
- injunctions to stay the publication of the sanction imposed in disciplinary proceedings (The Registrar of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants v X [2017])
- whether the oath required by the Constitution to be taken by all members elect of the LegCo was validly taken by the four members-elect, and whether in law they should be regarded to have declined or neglected to take the oath, and thereby be disqualified from taking up the office of a LegCo member (Chief Executive of the HKSAR v. Clerk to the Legislative Council [2017])
- the principles of Section 21M applications (Compania Sud Americana De Vapores S.A v Hin-Pro International Logistics Ltd [2016])
- preserving the confidentiality of the meetings of the Council of the HKU (The University of Hong Kong v Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co Ltd and another [2016])
- comity considerations between HK and Mainland courts (Sea Powerful Ii Special Maritime Enterprises (Ene) V. Bank of China Ltd [2016]).

A new chapter on intellectual property has also been included.

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Table of contents

1. History and Modern Law of Injunctions 
2. Interlocutory Injunctions
3. Perpetual Injunctions
4. Mareva Injunctions
5. Anton Piller Orders
6. Injunctions Relating to Companies
7. Quia Timet Injunctions
8. Foreign-Related Injunctions and Anti-suit Injunctions
9. Injunctions Affecting Letters of Credit, Performance Bonds and Bank Guarantees Payable on Demand or Their Proceeds
10. Injunctions to Protect Privileged Information
11. Injunctions Relating to Intellectual Property
12. Third Parties
13. Receivers
14. Contempt of Court
15. Ancillary Orders
16. Post Judgment Injunctions
17. Discharge, Variation and Second Applications
18. Appeal
19. Costs

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