International and Comparative Intellectual Property: Law, Policy and Practice (Bilingual Edition)

Author(s): Li Yahong 

The rapid advances of the technologies and the globalisation of world economy have changed the landscape of intellectual property law from territorial to international

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The rapid advances of the technologies and the globalisation of world economy have changed the landscape of intellectual property law from territorial to international.
Intellectual property lawyers and academics are increasingly forced to master the vast amount of international intellectual property treaties/agreements/conventions to assess their domestics intellectual property laws, and to deal with international registration, negotiation, enforcement and arbitration of intellectual properties.
They are also required to be familiar with foreign intellectual property laws to better represent their clients doing businesses in another country.
This book intends to provide intellectual property policy makers, practitioners, scholars and students, particularly those who are in the greater China area, with a comprehensive yet concise introduction of the most updated intellectual property law and practices from international and comparative perspectives, with special references to US, EU and China (including Hong Kong).
The book introduces the major multilateral IP conventions/agreements such as TRIPs, the international IP bodies such as WIPO, the regional and bilateral agreements such as various EU Directives, and examines how various forms of intellectual property operate within the international framework and at national level.
The book also discusses the international enforcement measures and TRIPs dispute resolution mechanisms, including discussion on the most updated cases.
While devoting special attention to IPRs protection for cutting edge technologies such as biotechnology and information technology, the book also addresses the importance of protection for indigenous s resources such as biodiversity, traditional knowledge and folklore, and the overall implications for global competition between the developed and the developing countries.
The book closes with a summary of the post-TRIPs development of the international intellectual property system.

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Table of contents

1 Intellectual Property in a Global Economy
2 Leading International Intellectual Property Laws and Institutions
3 General Principles Governing International Intellectual Property Law
4 Copyright and Related Rights
5 Trademarks
6 Geographic Indications
7 Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets
8 Industrial Designs
9 Patent
10 Layout Designs for Integrated Circuits (Semiconductor chip designs)
11 Intellectual Property and Information Technologies
12 Biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore
13 Intellectual Property and Biotechnology
14 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
15 TRIPs Dispute Settlement
16 South-North Conflicts over International
17 Post-TRIPs Agenda and Future Direction