Hong Kong District Court Practice - Third Edition

Author(s): P.Y. Lo
Publication Date: 8 December 2015

An indispensable reference for those whose practice involves litigation in the Hong Kong District Court.

Publisher: LexisNexis
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ISBN/ISSN: 9789888301966
Publisher: LexisNexis

Product description

The third edition of Hong Kong District Court Practice brings together the complex text of the District Court Ordinance (Cap 336), the Rules of the District Court and Practice Directions relevant to the District Court. Commentaries include section-by section annotations dealing with the meaning and application of the statutory provisions, drawing on case law from Hong Kong, England and the Commonwealth.

This work not only updates the readership on legislative and case law developments, an effort is made to present systematically key provisions in the RDC to assist judges, practitioners and litigants on the topics of active case management in accordance with the underlying objectives, sanctioned offer/payment, evidence and costs.

This title sets out in one comprehensive volume all the information likely to be needed for civil and criminal practice in the District Court. It will be an invaluable tool for legal practitioners, litigants in person, academics, students and others who need to know about the District Court of Hong Kong.

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Table of contents

Introduction and Tables
District Court Ordinance (Cap 336)
Rules of the District Court (Cap 336H)
District Court Civil Procedure (Fees) Rules (Cap 336C)
District Court Suitors' Funds Rules (Cap 336E)
District Court (Fixed Costs in Matrimonial Causes) Rules (Cap 336F)
District Court Equal Opportunities Rules (Cap 336G)
Practice Directions
5.2 Case Management
5.4 Preparation of Interlocutory Summonses and Appeal to Judge in Chambers for Hearing
5.5 Submission of Authorities
5.6 Documents for Use at Trial
5.8 Originating Summonses set down for Hearing by Judges
8.1 Hours of Sittings - High Court and District Court
9.1 Conspiracy
9.4 Criminal Proceedings in the District Court
9.5 Evidence by way of live Television Link or Video Recorded Testimony
10.1 Affidavit Evidence
10.2 Chinese Translations
11.1 Exparte, Interim and Interlocutory Applications for Relief (Including Injunctive Relief)
11.2 Mareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Orders
11.3 High Court and District Court Restricted Application and Restricted Proceedings Orders
12.1 Warrants of Arrests of Judgment Debtors
14.2 Proceedings before Masters
14.3 Costs
14.4 Taxation of Costs in Criminal Cases
14.5 Application for Wasted Costs Order Under Order 62, Rules 8, 8A, 8B and 8C
15.12 Petition - Personal Service
16.1 Settling Draft Orders and Judgments
16.2 Judgment: Foreign Currency
16.3 Interest on Judgment
16.4 Execution to Enforce Judgment for Possession of Immovable Property
16.5 Peremptory Orders
18.1 The Personal Injuries List
18.2 The Employees' Compensation List
19.1 Pleadings
19.2 Service of Documents by Post: Ordinary Course of Post
19.3 Statements of Truth
24.1 Sealing of Writ of Summons, Newspaper Advertisements, Filing of Documents
24.2 Endorsements in the Chinese Language to be Made on Court Documents
25.1 Chambers Hearings in Civil Proceedings in the High Court, the District Court and the Lands Tribunal
25.2 Reports on Hearings held in Chambers Not Open to the Public
27 Civil Proceedings in the District Court
31 Mediation
33 Section 80 of the District Court Ordinance, Cap 336
SL8 The Equal Opportunities List