Equity and Trusts Law in Hong Kong – Fourth Edition

Author: Lawrence Ma

"In 2011, when reviewing the second edition of "Equity and Trusts Law in Hong Kong", I wrote that the work was to be welcomed and would surely have a third edition. The appearance of this fourth edition further bears out that optimism."

The Hon. William Gummow A.C. Non-Permanent Judge, Court of Final Appeal [Foreword to the Fourth Edition]

"This admirable work, ... continues to be an extremely useful treatise on equity and trusts to local practitioners and judges. It contains all the important topics in this area of the law, with elaborate exposition of the relevant concepts and principles, supported by cases decided in England, Australia, Hong Kong and other common law courts. It is comprehensively researched and presented in a clear and systematic way."           

 - Patrick Chan, Non Permanent Judge, Court of Final Appeal [Foreword to the Third Edition]

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Product description

The fourth edition of this well-known and respected text provides an updated and thorough account of the principles of equity and trusts in Hong Kong. It is a comprehensive collection of all relevant Hong Kong case law beginning from the colonial era to 2019.

In addition, this book includes references to major English and Australian decisions in order to provide the reader with a better understanding of underlying issues or controversies.


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Table of contents

1 Nature, History and Maxims of Equity
2 Jurisdiction and Power
3 Equitable Rights, Titles and Interests
4 Equitable Assignments
5 Estoppel
6 Fiduciary Obligations
7 Unconscionable Transactions
8 Penalties and Forfeiture
9 Con dential Information
10 Subrogation
11 Contribution
12 Minor Doctrines
13 The Nature of Trusts
14 Express Trusts
15 The Variation and Termination of Trusts
16 Charitable Trusts
17 Resulting Trusts
18 Constructive Trusts
19 The Trustee
20 Rights of the Bene ciary
21 Specific Trustees
22 Equitable Defences
23 Specic Performance
24 Injunctions
25 Declarations
26 Damages in Equity
27 Minor Remedies