Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings in Hong Kong - Second Edition

Author(s): Andrew Mak

The leading title on Hong Kong's law relating to disciplinary proceedings.

Publisher: LexisNexis
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ISBN/ISSN: 9789888232918
Publisher: LexisNexis

Product description

Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings in Hong Kong was the first book of its kind and is a leading reference for anyone wishing to research and understand Hong Kong's law relating to disciplinary proceedings. There have been a number of important developments in disciplinary proceedings law in Hong Kong, particularly regarding the requirements for legal representation, and the role of legal advisers. 

The second edition of this respected work includes a new section on the developing subject of claims against disciplinary bodies, especially in relation to tort. Topics like insurance brokers and agents, company secretaries and marine surveyors have been added and the profession of auditors is now written as a separate chapter. The extensive reference to judgments of the Hong Kong courts are intended to enable readers to ground the principles in reality by reference to their application in real world scenarios.

This book serves to update the reader on the ever-changing ambit of laws relating to disciplinary matters.

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Table of contents

1 The Law on Disciplinary Proceedings
2 Professional Disciplinary Proceedings Practice
2(A) Medical and Para-Medical Professions
2(B) Construction Professions
2(C) Accounting Professions
2(D) Legal Professions
2(E) Commercial and Economic Professions
2(F) Social Professions