Conveyancing Litigation in Hong Kong

Author(s): Andrew Mak

Providing much needed guidance on property litigation in Hong Kong.

Publisher: LexisNexis
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ISBN/ISSN: 9789888389544
Publisher: LexisNexis

Product description

Property transactions are often complex, and legal problems are frequent. The large, and ever increasing, body of Hong Kong case law is testament to the number of difficulties encountered in even routine transactions.

Conveyancing litigation in Hong Kong provides much-needed guidance and insight in this important area of the law. High-profile areas, as identified by important recent cases, are covered in a practical and succinct manner, with a focus on areas of difficulty. A thorough understanding of these issues is essential for effective risk mitigation, thus making this work essential not only for those practicing litigation, but also those seeking to avoid it!

Particular emphasis is given to the practical aspects of conveyancing litigation procedure, and the unique difficulties encountered in Hong Kong. Highly topical issues are covered in detail, including chapters on Chinese Customary Law, Adverse Possession and Common Intention Constructive Trusts, to name a few.

Unique in the Hong Kong market this important title is essential for litigators, conveyancers, academics, and any other legal practitioner interested in current legal problems in property law.

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Table of contents

1 Adverse Possession Litigation in Hong Kong
2 Requisition on Title in Sale of Property
3 Chinese Customary Law in Hong Kong
4 Common Intention Constructive Trusts
5 Rights over Neighbouring Land
6 User Restrictions and Obligations of Incorporated Owners
7 Contribution of Co-owners to Building Management Expenses
8 The Interpretation of Restrictive Covenants in Government Leases
9 Interlocutory Injunctions in Conveyancing Disputes
10 Property Valuation Litigation
11 Boundary Disputes
12 Evidence and Procedure in Conveyancing Disputes