China Patent Legal System & Practice

Extensive differences exist between China and international standards in terms of the patent legal system, making this book essential reading.

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Publisher: LexisNexis

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It is always a big headache for multinational companies to handle patent issues in China. Due to the historical and social reasons, there is a big difference between China and international standards in the terms of patent legal system. China has made great efforts to reduce the gap, especially with the effectiveness of the revision of China Patent Law on Oct 1, 2009.

However: to what extent does the patent situation has been changed so far? How do we adjust our strategies to fit the new rules and regulations? How can we lean from others' best practice to avoid risks and loses? LexisNexis's newest China Patent Legal System and Practice willassist you well to find the answers.

Seven Compelling Reasons to Have This Book
1. Practical strategies of patent right protection in China
2. Abundant case studies close to your daily work
3. Timely information on the latest patent laws, regulations and rules
4. Easy manners of writing to comfort your reading experience
5. Notabilities' experience sharing to enhance your confidence and capabilities
6. Tips for handling patent disputes efficiently and successfully
7. Systematic introduction assist you to have a down-toearth understanding of patent system in China.

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Table of contents

1 The History of China's Patent System and Legislation
2 Holders of Patent Right
3 Subject Matter of Patents
4 Scope of Patent Rights
5 Issuance, Reexamination and Appeal of Patent Right
6 Protection of the Patent Right
7 Patent Management and Practice for Enterprises