An Introduction to the Chinese Legal System - Fifth Edition

Author: Albert HY Chen

An Introduction to the Chinese Legal System, first published in 1992, was one of the first books in English on the developing legal system of the People’s Republic of China. It provides a systematic account of this system’s history, constitutional structure, sources of law, major legal institutions (such as the courts, the procuratorates, the legal profession and the Ministry of Justice), as well as the basic concepts and principles of Chinese procedural and substantive law.

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Publisher: LexisNexis
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Published: 21 March, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9789888600410
Publisher: LexisNexis

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Besides updating our knowledge of recent major legal developments in China, this title provides a much-needed overview of the distinctive impact of the Xi Jinping era. During this period the startling and continuing increase in the political and economic importance of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has made China’s law and practice a matter of world interest.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1 : Introduction — Legal Theory, Comparative Law and the Case of China 
Chapter 2 : The Legal History of Traditional China
Chapter 3 : The Legal History of Modern China
Chapter 4 : Constitution and Government — Constitutional Doctrines and State Structure
Chapter 5 : Constitution and Government — Political Parties and Elections
Chapter 6 : Sources of Law and the Law-making System
Chapter 7 : Legal Institutions — Courts and Procuratorates
Chapter 8 : Legal Institutions — Lawyers, Legal Education and the Ministry of Justice
Chapter 9 : The Law of Procedure
Chapter 10 : The Substantive Law
Chapter 11 : Chinese Legal Developments 2011–2018
Appendix I : Note on Further Research
Appendix II : References
Appendix III : Glossary of Names, Terms and Romanisations
Appendix IV : Table of Legislative and Normative Documents