Butterworths Hong Kong Patent Law Handbook – Third Edition

Authors: Benny Lo, Nigel Lee

Jointly updated by Dr Benny Lo, an experienced barrister and chartered arbitrator with pharmaceuticals and biotechnology background, and Mr Nigel Lee, a patent attorney dually qualified in the UK and China having over 10 years of patent application and litigation experience, this new edition of the Patent Law Handbook provides comprehensive coverage of the latest amendments introduced by the Patents (Amendment) Ordinance 2016, highlights the impact of the first ever substantive patent examination system in the jurisdiction on patent practice, and delivers an up-to-date digest of substantive patent law from the most significant court decisions.

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Publisher: LexisNexis
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Published: 23 June, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9789888600663
Publisher: LexisNexis

Product description

This handbook is a concise reference work detailing section by section annotations to the Patents Ordinance (Cap 514). It reproduces the text of the Patents Ordinance and all subsidiary legislation to the Ordinance which are currently in force, with the inclusion of details of amendments and repeals to the Ordinance.
It also provides definition of words and phrases used to assist in the discussion of practical aspects and contentious issues relating to particular sections and other authoritative material. Furthermore, the annotations are fully cross-referenced, with comprehensive tables of cases, legislation and other sources referenced.
This series has been citied with authority in over one hundred court cases in the Hong Kong Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal. This handbook will be an invaluable source of information for those engaged in the legal profession, academics, students and those interested in the laws governing the patent protection in Hong Kong.


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Table of contents

Patents Ordinance (Cap 514)
Patents (Designation of Patent Offices) Notice (Cap 514A)
Patents (Transitional Arrangements) Rules (Cap 514B)
Patents (General) Rules (Cap 514C)